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Saval Foodservice is pleased to announce the appointment of Ken Plante as their new Corporate Chef. Ken brings a dynamic, innovative energy to the food service business and their customers.
RAMW members invite diners to celebrate the holiday season at some of DC’s best restaurants with exclusive booking specials and promotions for private dining
The National Restaurant Association's research has found that 90 percent of restaurateurs in the United States participate in charitable work.
SmartBrief  //  by Tricia Contreras
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By National Restaurant Association
RAMW member restaurants welcome OTAKON 2018 attendee with exclusive dining specials and promotions
SmartBrief  |  by Tricia Contreras
National Restaurant Association  /  July 5, 2018
As we approach the first official day of summer and prime season for outdoor dining, we’re thrilled to reveal the 
Initiative #77 was today approved by a majority of the meager number of registered voters who came out to vote. We, however, do not see this as the end of a discussion, but the beginning. We cannot accept as final a vote in a primary election, in the middle of the summer, on a ballot measure the language of which was, at best, misleading.